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Location: Springfield. OH, Date: June 25th, 2014

2110 West Jefferson Street | Springfield, OH 45506 (Get A Map)

Bob Evans Farms Turnkey Food Grade Manufacturing Plant - 40,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Complete with Late Model Sausage Link and Blended Meat Product Processing & Packaging Lines, 2009 High Speed Bowl Filling Line, VFFS, Spiral Freezer, Processing and Packaging Support and Facilities Equipment. AUCTION SCHEDULED.

Auction Catalog - Lots 1-499 in Springfield

Rigging will be provided by Brooks Rigging. Please contact Larry Brooks at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 970-227-4283 for quotes

Please Call - 412 - 521-5751 - Ask for Max Davis

Offered In Conjunction with New Mill Capital, LLC

Items Listed In Auction

Bob Evans - Springfield OH - Real Estate Photos


2009 Blentech 500 Gallon Versa - Therm Twin Shaft Jacketed Mixer / Cooker, Model TP-22088, NB #6555 with Scrapers, Pneumatic Doors, (4,000 lb. Capacity), 120 psig @ 350 Degree F, Allen Bradley PLC Controls, PanelView C600 Touchpad Display, Mounted on Load Cell,with 2012 Updates and Operator’s Platform

Blentech 700 Gallon Versa - Therm Twin Shaft Jacketed Mixer / Cooker, Model TP-22088,  NB #9246 with Scrapers, Pneumatic Doors, 90 psig @ 332 Degree F with Controls


Chester Jensen 750 Gallon Cone-Bottom Jacketed Processor, Size/Type M7N40C.C, S/N 8213-P with Dual 3-Blade Stainless and Bridge Type 3 hp Sweep Scrape Surface Agitator, Hinged Lid, Mounted on Load Cells

Hamilton 400 Gal. S.S Jacketed Kettle, S/N F1434 with Bridge Type Sweep Scrape Surface Agitator - 3 hp - 3 - Prop Dual Agitator, Hinged Lid, 328 Degree F at 100 psi


Breddo 200 Gallon Liquifier, Model LDT, S/N D-83865-94243 with Pancake Style 25 hp Motor, 1765 RPM, 12” Blade and Operator’s Platform

100 Gallon S/S Liquifier with 7.5 hp Motor, 1455 RPM and 8” Blade (Dimensions 31” x 31” x 21” Deep


2005 Risco Ingredient Vacuum Stuffer, Model RS303, S/N T305021 with Buggy Lift System, Touchpad Display, 440 V, 3 Phase

Vemag Robot Ingredient Vacuum Stuffer, Model HP10S, S/N 1400227, Type 140/250B-1,  with Loader and Touchpad Display

Vemag Ingredient Vacuum Stuffer, Model 500, S/N 128-2024-1, Type 128/230, 220 V, +1 Portion Controls

Additional Vemag Stuffer - (Uninstalled), (Info Coming Soon)


2009 Oystar Process and Packaging Group PTLFS 4-Lane Tray Filler, Model FP1x4, S/N E16054, Includes De-Nester/Tray Depositor, Filler Valves, Tamper Evident Sealer, Allen Bradley PLC Controls, Allen Bradley Cintex 6000 Servo Controls, PanelView Plus 1000 Touchpad Display, (Set-Up for 13.5 oz. Tray Packages)

2009 Oystar 4-Valve Filler / Hopper, with Aprox. 28” W x 37” L x 49” Deep S/S Hopper, includes Mixer, Magnetic Trap and S/S Operators Platform


Cryovac Onpack Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, Models ONP-2050A, S/N 0040 with Change Tubes and Mitsubishi Melsex Fx2N80MT Transister


2005 Frigoscandia / Gyro 24-Tier Compact Spiral Freezer, Model GCM66-08-24-14NSCCR, S/N Classic 600, Aprox. 10 ft. H with 3” Spacing Between Tiers, with Siemens PLC Controls with Simatic Touchpad Display -  Model OP3, Modular Horizontal All S/S Insulated Box - 11 ft. H x 14 ft. W x 25 ft. L, Ammonia Evaporator Refrigeration, Aprox. 11 ft. L Infeed Conveyor with 24” W Belt and Aprox. 17” L Outfeed Conveyor with 24” W Intralox Belt


(2) Planet Link Loaders, Model PPC-L2, S/N 01588/04495 and Model PPC-L2P, S/N PPC06794B/1020991

(2) Allen Gage & Tool Co. (Famco) Portable Link Machines, Model JY, S/N 8008 and S/N 3256

(2) Tri-Power Linker Machines, Model E12, S/N 1091 (Machine #R115)

NEO Link Twister, S/N 85-137-02


Adco Horizontal Cartoner, Model 15DB0105-SS, S/N 4048HG, (Semi Auto Type), with Nordson Vista Hot Melt Gluer and Linx 6800 Ink Jet Coder, S/N BR677, Set-Up to Run 13.5 oz. Tray/Packages

(3) Little David Case Sealers with Mounted Coders, (1) Model LDUE2, S/N 1701087LDUE


Cintex Autosearch All S/S Metal Detector System, Model Sentry, S/N 9479 with Product Opening 12” W Belt x 6-3/4” H, Mounted on 66” L Portable Power Belt Conveyor including Aprox. 34 ft. L Sterling 14” W Intralox Belt Power Belt Outfeed Conveyor and Pack-Off Table

(2) Cintex Metal Detectors, Model Sentry, S/N 041618 and S/N 10479 with Product Opening of 11” W Belt x 4-3/4” H, Mounted on 4 ft. L Conveyor

(2) Cintex S/S Metal Detectors with Product Opening Aprox. 13-1/2” W x 5” H and Aprox. 13-1/2” W x 7-1/4” H, Mounted on S/S Conveyor - (Uninstalled)


Bridge Machine Co. 10 ft. H All S/S Column Lift, Model LL96, S/N 26071-NR (Utilized with 2009 Blentech Mixer Cooker)

Bridge Machine Co. 10 ft. H All S/S Column Lift, Model LL96, S/N 25840-NO (Utilized with Blentech 700 Gal.)

AMFEC 112” H Stainless Column Lift, Model 23K, S/N 800130, 3hp, 220 V

8 ft. H S/S Column Lift


Linx Diagraph Ink Jet Coder, Model 6200, S/N MD0108046

2006 and 2005 Linx 6800 Ink Jet Coders, Model 6800-P686, S/N ED682 and S/N BT578

Linx 6200 Ink Jet Coder, Model 6200, S/N LP71370

SMS Rolltak Portable Labeler, Model 200


Aprox. 22 ft. L x 12” W and 4-1/2” W Dual Power Conveyor with 3-Station Pack-Off Table

(2) Aprox. 92” L Portable S/S Conveyors with 12” W Belt and 8” W Belt including Drives

Additional Conveyor Systems


Positive Pumps:

Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump with Aprox. 5 ft. L x 30” W x 47” Deep S/S Feed Mix Hopper with Dual 1/3 & 3/4 hp Side Mount Mixers & S/S Walk Platform

Sine Model MR150-NNTC, S/N 99711543 with 4” Clamp Type S/S Head, SEW 5 hp Drive, 1680 RPM Motor, S/S Frame

Sine Model MR130NNTC, S/N 96710856 with 3” Clamp Type S/S Head, 5 hp, 1740 RPM Motor and Stainless Frame

Sine Model SPS-50, S/N 13506SP-002 with SEW Drive and Aprox. 45” x 45” x 24” Deep Portable Mounted S/S Funnel

Centrifugal Pumps: including: APV and Others

Sanitary Grade Valves Variety of S/S Valves


(10) Recip. Ammonia Compressors

Vilter 8-Cylinder 150 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size A6K458XLB, S/N H-87042-3 with Starter, (Compressor 150XL)

Vilter 8-Cylinder 50 hp VMC440 Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size A06K448B, Order #E-77550, S/N 32196 with Starter, 115 V (Compressor 1L8)

Vilter 8-Cylinder 50 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size A12B458XLB, Order #H-53805, S/N R48231 with Starter (Compressor 4L8)

Vilter 8-Cylinder 40 hp VMC440 Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size A12B448B, Order #K50657, S/N R242 with Starter (Compressor 3L8)

Vilter 6-Cylinder 50 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size 448RCB, Order #D-45750-1, S/N 19627AS with Starter (Compressor 5L8)

Vilter 6-Cylinder 75 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size 446, Order #C-93183-1, S/N 5569ASRC with Starter (Compressor 5H6)

Vilter 6-Cylinder 30 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size AB446B, Order #D-56027-1, S/N 20314AB (Compressor 2L6)

Vilter 6-Cylinder Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor Head, Size A10K446B, Order #D-51505-2, S/N 20142AS (NOTE: Missing Motor)

Vilter 4-Cylinder 75 hp Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size 446, S/N 5571AKRC with Starter (Compressor 4H6)

Vilter 4-Cylinder 75 hp VMC450 Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, Size A73K454B, Order #E42869, S/N 60562 (Note: Needs Repaired)

Ammonia Recirc. System

E.L. Nickell Accumulator, NB #30574 and S/N 45446, with Ammonia Pumps & Valves

Additional Accumulator

Ammonia Intercooler

Hansen Auto Purger, Model AP08, S/N P2849

Horizontal Ammonia Reveiver

Evaporative Condensers

(2) Evapco 2-Fan Evaporative Condensers, Model PMCB-240, S/N 984327 and S/N 984326 with Galvanized Platform

Evaporator Condenser Condensate Tower Tank with Circulating Pump

Evaporators / Blowers

Krack 5-Fan Low-Profile S/S Clad Evaporative/Blower (Room 208)

(3) 5-Fan Low-Profile S/S Clad Evaporative/Blowers (Room 221)

(3) Frick 5-Fan Low-Profile S/S Clad Evaporativer/Blowers (Room 212)

Krack 4-Fan Low-Profile S/S Clad Ammonia Evaporator Blower (Located Cooler #204 – Outside Screen Room)

Frick 4-Fan Low-Profile S/S Clad Ammonia Evaporator/Blower (Located Cartoning Room)

(2) Krack 2-Fan Low Profile S/S Clad Ammonia Evaporator/Blowers (Room 210)

(2) Krack 2-Fan Ammonia Evaporator/Blowers (Located Room 211)

King Side Mounted Building Evaporator Blower, Model FFH74-951-D408-66-4-D56-7070, S/N 83-R-122-6A


(4) Air Compressors

2009 Comp Air 50 hp Screw Air Compressor, Model L37SR-13A, S/N 100014626/0012, Air Cooled, 460 V, 3 Phase with Delces 3100 Touchpad Display

Leroi Screw Air Compressor, Model T30 SS, S/N 4081X33 with Horizontal Tank

Leroi 25 hp Air Compressor, Model CL25CUB, S/N 4474X138, 100 psi with Horizontal Mounted Tank

Quincy 15 hp Air Compressor, Model QT15, S/N 6134491 with Horizontal Mounted Tank

Air Dryers & Receivers

BelAir Air Dryer with Zeks Dual Air Filters

Air Cel Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model AR75, S/N R1T7FB9116, 134A Refrigerant

Penway Aprox. 60” H x 30” W Vertical Receiver, NB #B6-8546, MAWP 250 psi @ 650 Degree F

2009 Penway Horizontal Air Receiver, S/N 25817, 150 psig @ 450 Degree F

Additional Silvan Vertical Receiver, S/N 274781, MAWP 200 psi @ 450 Degree F


Cleaver Brooks 125 hp Boiler, Model CB-700-125S, S/N L-76171, Natural Gas, 150 psi, 480 V, 3 Phase

S/S Deaeration System with Grundfoss Pumps and Stainless Tank

MST Hot Water Set

National Water Softener System with Salt Tanks

Aprox. 90” L x 10” W Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Condensate Pump

Large Hot Water Tank

C02 TANK - (BES)

Tomco 50-Ton Horizontal C02 Storage Tank, S/N 5083324-E with Copeland Mounted Freon Compressor (Tank Dimensions Aprox. 7 ft. W x 50 ft. L)


Variety of Digital Scales Including

(2) Fairbanks Portable Digital Scales, Model H90-5200, S/N H367723 with 24 x 28 Platform

(3) Fairbanks Digital Platform Scales Mounted on S/S Tables

Fairbanks 7,000 lb. Capacity Above Ground Digital Scale, Model H90-7300, S/N G770073 with Read-Out and Aprox. 5 ft. x 7 ft. Platform

Cambridge Portable 2,600 lb. Capacity Platform Scale with Ohaus Defender 3000 Xtreme W Digital Readout, Model 86670-P1, S/N 12-16641, Platform Size 36 x 36

Other Items Including:

S/S Tables, Variety of S/S Tubs, S/S Sinks, Pedestal Fans, Hand-Dip Tables, Edlund Industrial Can Opener, Rytec Roller Power Doors, Portable S/S Totes, Rubber Boots, Fiberglass Ladders, Portable Foamers, Bug Zappers, Rubbermaid Trash Cans, Locker Room Furniture and Symbol UPC Scan Guns; 4-Wheel Carts; Barrel Dollie; Hoshizaki S/S Ice Maker; Commercial Washer/Dryer by Milnor E-P Plus Washer and Huebschoriginators 75 Dryer; Defibrillator and Oxygen Tank; Confined Space Equipment; Aprox. 99” L x 24” W x 21” Deep S/S Jet Spray Wash Trough with Centrifugal Pump; Clean Tech Hand Washer, Model 500 EZ; Meritech Self-Clean A-1 Solution Power Boot Washer & More


Forklifts & Pallet Jacks & Chargers

Crown 3,000 lb. Capacity Sit-Down 36 V Electric Forklift, Model 35SCTT-S, S/N H13320-2 with 190” 3-Stage Lift and Side Shift

Crown 3,000 lb. Capacity Sit-Down 36 V Electric Forklift, Model 35SCTT, S/N 1A193705 with 190” 3-Stage Lift and Side Shift

Crown Aprox. 2,500 lb. Capacity Stand-Up 36 V Electric Forklift, Model RC3020-30 Series, S/N 1A298303 with 190” 3-Stage Lift and Cascade Side Shift

Cat 4,500 lb. Capacity 24 V Electric Pallet Jack, Model 2WP4500, S/N 90335986

Crown 4,000 lb. Capacity 24 V Electric Pallet Jack, Model WP2345-45, S/N 5A363432 with Self-Contained Charger

Crown 4,000 lb. Capacity 24 V Electric Pallet Jack, Model WP2345-45, S/N 5A341696 with Self-Contained Charger

(3) Crown Hydraulic Pallet Jacks

Battery Chargers by Crown 36 V, Hobart Accu-Charger and 24 V

Scissor Lift Platform

SkyJack 250/500 lb. Capacity Scissor Lift Man Lift Platform, Model SJM329, S/N 23874

Pallet Wrapper & Scissor Lift Platforms

Orion 94” H Pallet Wrapper, Model H5517, S/N 2072913, 120 V with 52” x 52” Platform

(2) Presto / Southworth 44” Scissorlifts


Aprox. 92” L x 50” W Hydraulic Palletizer with Self-Contained Hydraulic Pump (Small Footprint)

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Throughout Facility including – 7-Sections Aprox. 12 ft. H 4-Deep 2-High Galvanized Drive-In; 7-Sections 6-Deep 3-High Drive-In and 18-Sections 3-High Standard Galvanized Racking with 12 ft. H Uprights

Other Material Handling Items


New Square D 45 KVA Transformer, Cat 45T3H, 480 V, 208YH/120, (Never Installed)


2001 Cummins Natural Gas Generator, Model GGHE-5007376, S/N A020322453, Rated 40.2 KVA Single Phase and 75 KVA on 3 Phase, 252 Metered Hours with Ford Motor and Rain-Proof Enclosure

Onan Transfer Switch, Model LT3-5550865, S/N B020332814


Lincoln Ideal Arc Tig 25/250 AC/DC Tig/Arc Welder; Miller DC Arc Welder, Model SRH-333; Lincoln Plasma Cutter, ProCut 60; Ridgid 400 Pipe Threader; Carolina Horizontal Band Saw, Model HV20, S/N HV2014734; Wilton Vertical Drill Press with Vise; DeWalt Chop Saw; Milwaukee Portable Band Saw; Milwaukee Sawzall; Milwaukee Circulating Saw; Milwaukee Hammer Drill; Hand Tools including: DeWalt Cordless Drills and DeWalt Angle Grinders; Pneumatic Tools including: Grinders; Chisels; Drills; Assorted Electrical Supplies including Bolt Cutters, Fish Tape; Parts Washer; Welding Table with Vise; Napa Portable Battery Charger; (5) Kobalt S/S Tool Boxes with Large Selection of Hand Tools including Socket Sets; Screwdrivers; Hammers; Wrenches; Allen Wrenches; Pipe Wrenches; Multi-Tester by Fluke and Others; Burning Cart


Spare Parts for Most Major Machinery including: Assorted Electrical by Allen Bradley and Others including: VFD’s, Wire, Receptacle, Connectors, Condulet and Fuses; Plumbing Supplies including Stainless, Steel and PVC; Miscellaneous Nut and Bolt Hardware, S/S and Steel Bolts, Nails, Screws; Ink Jet Codder Parts for Linx and Others; Drive Parts including: Bearings, Couplers, Sprockets, Wheel Casters; Pumps, Valves and Fittings including Tri-Clover Air Valves with Parts, Sanitary S/S Piping Connectors, Elbows, T’s, Reducers; Conveyor Parts including Belting; Cleaning Supplies including Rubber Gloves, Hair Nets, Boots, Suits & More


(3) Busch 10 hp Vacuum Pumps

Ross Inapck 4-Wide Tray Filler, Model Nema 4X,  with Tamper Evident System

Case Sealer

(2) 10 ft. H & 8 ft. H S/S Column Lift

S/S Hopper/Depositor

S/S Hopper Feeder with APV Hydraulic Positive Displacement Pump Mounted on Table

Vestil Aprox. 6 ft. 6” L x 44” W Hydraulic Scissorlift Platform

Additional Scissorlift Platform

Aprox. 30 Gal. Portable Vertical S/S Tank


Variety of Lab Equipment Including - Thermolyne Syborn Type 142300 Incubator; Corning and Thermolyne Hot Plate/Stirrer; Lighting and VP Hand-Held Bacteria Tester, S/S Hot Water Bath, AND Digital Scale, (2) Doran S/S Digital Platform Scales, Model 2200CW; Stainless Test Sieves #8; Quantek Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Analyzer; 2003 Map Systems Vacuum Chamber, Model VBT-550E, S/N 111078 & More


Office Furniture including Office Machines, Computers including Server, Desks, Chairs, File Cabinets, Copier and Telephone System; Lunch Room including: Tables, Chairs, Microwaves, Refrigerators; Men’s and Women’s Locker Room including Lockers; Defibrillator & Oxygen Station


1989 International T/A Tractor, Model 97006X4, VIN #1HSRK62PXKH351338 with Fuller 10-Speed Transmission and Sleeper Cab, Mileage 706,501

Fruehauf 48 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer, Model EFB0-NT2-48-ST-W, VIN #1H2R04825P4001202 with Thermo King Sentry Max Reefer Unit, Side Door, Hinged Rear Doors and Aluminum Floor (Unit #134)

1988 Fruehauf 48 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer, VIN #1H2R04820KH021401 with Thermo King Safety di Reefer Unit, Side Door, Hinged Rear Doors and Aluminum Floor (Unit #123)

1987 Fruehauf 48 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer, VIN #1H2R04821JH00501 with Thermo King Sentry Reefer Unit, Side Door, Rear Hinged Doors and Aluminum Floor (Unit #122)

1987 Great Dane 46 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer, VIN #1GRAA9223HS012203 with Hinged Rear Doors and Aluminum Floor (Unit #2019)

1985 Fruehauf 45 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer, VIN #1H2R04520FH019402 with Thermo King Sentry 2000 Reefer Unit, Side Door, Hinged Rear Doors and Aluminum Floor (Unit #119)

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